What’s new for 2021?

Spiritual guidance (some call it spiritual direction—I prefer spiritual guidance) from your Pastrix, DrSusanT.

Have you found yourself questioning your religious beliefs, doubting your faith, concerned about what you have been taught in your religious tradition—is it helpful or harmful?, enjoying “organized religion” less, not practicing or living out your faith daily, and longing for a truthful discussion about God/The Divine that has space for questions that you think you should never ask? Does God/The Divine seem absent from your life?

Access to the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator and the ways your personality type shapes your experience of God/The Divine One.

Using the Enneagram and Dream Work to explore your experience of God/The Divine.

Interested? Want to know more? Leave a comment or send an email.

Space and room for the deep and curious concerns and questions that always accompany faith and religion.

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