Today we are going to focus on the first deadly sin, the one at the top of the list: pride. Pride is thinking of oneself as the Creator rather than the creature, and pride is a matter of wrong worship—worshiping ourselves and our possessions rather than being full of gratitude to the Divine One. 

         Of course we do need to have some pride in work that is well done and in achieving accomplishments and goals.  We must ask ourselves is our pride in work that is well done and pride in achieving accomplishments and goals focused on what we have done by ourselves or do we recognize that all that we are able to do and accomplish is a result of a Divine Power that connects us to one another through love by the One who created and placed us here to love and serve the Holy One and neighbor?

         Pride, the pride that is arrogance—thinking we are smarter and better than others—can sneak up on us, and we can be full of ourselves and prideful and never realize it.

Listen to the podcast below to hear more about the deadliest sin of pride.

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