In a world where we do not like to use the word sin, the word carries way too much historical and hysterical baggage, it’s time to dust off some ancient Christian history and tradition for a look at what some ancient theologians and a Pope had to say about sin. We cherry pick our way through the Bible, specifically focusing attention only on the Ten Commandments, or on what the Apostle Paul wrote about as sinning, or giving sin the broad view, as Jesus did when he identified the greatest commandment as loving God with all your heart, mind, and strength and loving your neighbor as yourself. No greater commandments than these, he said.

United Methodist Church Bishop Will Willimon updated his book Sinning Like a Christian, A New Look at the Seven Deadly Sins in 2013. I read it and put together from my own research a sermon series using his book title as his book. “Sinning Like a Christian” just has ring of truth to it for my own experience in of the Christian faith.

Now I’m updating it into an eight-week study/podcast to help myself again reflect about sinning–basically, what are the things in life that separate me from the Divine/Holy One or God, if you prefer. I choose to use Divine One/Holy One because in my experience I have also found the word God to also carry way too much historical, hysterical, and just plain misleading baggage. I think the Jewish faith tradition gets it when they do not say God’s name or write God’s name. It is a practical way to remind us that the Divine/Holy One is more than our human capacity can take in, imagine, or describe.

This file gives the overall description of what this study will contain and the chapters with each topic do refer to Willimon’s book. Reading that book is not a requirement for this podcast study, and you might enjoy yhThe first podcast link will be an introduction and once or twice a week I will post the next podcast link for this study. This will always happen on the COHR web page, and I will post it on the the webpage with the current podcast link on the COHR Facebook page. This way you can listen on your own schedule. I hope you will leave a comment fort discussion.

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